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of the voters who will determine this election. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," november 1st, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. and tonight, we bring you a fresh crisis in a community already decimated by superstorm sandy. tensions are running high over a dwindling supply of vital fuel and supplies on staten island. perhaps the least well known of new york city's five borrows. just a short ferry ride from manhattan, smack dab in the middle of new york harbor. so, that means it bore the brunt of the devastating flood surge. so, tonight, as search andless kupt continues, my co-anchor cynthia mcfadden is there. good evening, cynthia. >> reporter: good evening, terry. massive disaster are composed of small tragedies, one that played out behind me. you may just be able to make out a staircase that used to lead to a house where mother, father and 13-year-old daughter lived. only the mother survived. those stories are far too common out here in staten island. >> when is the government com
is on for the 2012 election you can still vote early but not for long. find out when the program ends. >> and we donald the worst of sandy. rain and strong winds they were here but nothing compared to what they saw in new jersey. we will show you how close we came to a direct hit on this friday november 2nd. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have a little bit of a break but it was kelly and gray. >> feels like a typical fall day. and lynette this is a good thing right? >> well depends on who you ask. if you ask my facebook friends, they are not liking it at all. so today, it's going to be better. we will look at maryland's most powerful radar. things are drying out. yesterday we had drizzle around and showers and in a lot of spots. today driver and we will get a few more peeks of sunshine. i will show you what i am talking about once you look at satellite and radar. stepping out the door dry times we are dealing with partly cloudy skies right now. this time yesterday, more clouds around and they stuck around throughout the day. stepping out the door this morning the on
>>> good morning and welcome to special election edition of "this week." >>> the obama campaign is slipping. >> we have come too far to turn back now. >>> it's on. the final sprint. >> we'll win this election. we'll finish what we started. >> we're going to bring changes to get america stronger again. >> we need you, ohio. >> i love colorado! >> to break this deadlock race. the big questions now -- can obama's swing state firewall stand up to romney's momentum. how will hurricane sandy shake up the campaign? and with just nine days to go, could a final october surprise send this election into overtime? questions for our headliners. stephanie cutter and newt gingrich. >>> plus, insight and analysis from our roundtable. >>> hello again. with just nine days to go, the october surprise is here. hurricane sandy. threatening a massive stretch of the u.s. from virginia to new england. all of the way to the great lakes. it's caused both candidates to scramble their schedules. we'll get into that, plus our latest abc news/washington post poll in just a moment. but let's begin with sam ch
election day, president obama and mitt romney look for every last vote in the battleground states. we'll tell you their last-minute strategies. >>> and jackpot. what to do with 20 million bucks in lottery winnings you didn't know you had. >> it's getting crazier. and i can't stop crying. >> wait until you see her reaction when she realized she was sitting on a fortune. >>> good morning, everybody. so great to be back with you and with the entire team here after what has been a very, very long week. here we are, five days post-sandy. and federal relief is finally arriving for the people of staten island. i was out there this week. and the damage is astonishing. biblical, really. two images i'll never forget. a jacuzzi in the trees. look at that. and i met a guy whose house was picked up and moved across the street. you're going to see it when the camera turns here. his house was there. and now, it's there. >> parts of the city really look like a war zone this week. >>> also, look at this. these are food lines in manhattan. hundreds of new yorkers, waiting for something to eat. for many
today. the last one before the presidential election. and it showed 171,000 jobs created last month. beating predictions. the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%, as more americans rejoin the search for a job. and this, with just four days to go until americans go to the polls, your voice, your vote. and there in the corner of your screen, our abc news presidential countdown clock. as abc's jack tapper tells us tonight how the president plans to cross the finish line in first place. >> hello, ohio! >> reporter: as he made his way across the pivot albumeye state, the cornerstone of his midwestern firewall, president obama cast himself in the same bipartisan way that appealed to independent voters four years ago. >> over the last four years, the status quo in washington has fought us every step of the way. >> reporter: it would be unusual for a democratic president to actually suggest it would be okay with him if voters went for a congressional candidate other than a democrat. but, eager to paint himself as not part of the problem in washington, the president did just that at every st
110 homes in the breezy point community. sherrie johnson abc2 news. >>> the election is just a few days away and for one little girl tuesday can't come soon enough. we're going to tell you why she's so upset about presidential politics. >>> and the average cost for a gallon of gas in maryland, right now 3.56. today you can get it a lot cheaper. find out where. >>> we're looking at the mobile phone, this means that you need to go to our app store and download our app so you can follow along with what's going on. the remnants of sandy well off to the north now. don't go anywhere, good morning maryland will be right back. . >>> the 2012 election is five days away but because of sandy president obama put campaigning on hold. instead he turned his attention to the victims of the storm, and now the recovery stage continues. political rivals are joining forces. here's. >> now a natural disaster has softened party lines in the form of an unlikely pairing. new jersey governor chris christie and democratic president barack obama toured the storm ravaged state of new jersey. >> i cannot thank
york city with juju chang. >> the election is rapidly approaching and the next four years will be determined in just the next four days. the latest abc news poll shows mitt romney leading by one point. and while president obama enjoys overwhelming up port from african-americans, it's complicated. a new documentary series asking, will those same voter who propelled him to victory in 2008 turn out again? here's abc's pierre thomas for your voice, your vote. >> what he represented to a nation of kids was hope. >> in this campaign ad released today, superstar rapper jay-z encourages black voters to get out the door and into the polling booth for barack obama. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> rorter: with a 96% approval rating among black voters, though -- >> four more years! four more years! >> reporter: you may wonder why it's necessary. the reason? while support for the president among the democratic faithful remains high, this time, there's a decidedly different feel than that of election night 2008, a historic moment for the country as a whole, but a part
. >> we need that. >> all right. there is an election. >> really? >> for the first time since sandy made landfall both candidates are out on the trail. we are right there with them in washington tonight. looks like the campaigns are back in action. >> reporter: it seems like they have called off that temporary truce and with just five-days left until the election, both teams are making that last minute push for undecided voters. >> this election will have huge consequence. >> reporter: romney set his sights on havev. the president won the state in 2008 but now the republican candidate hopes to turn it red again. >> the obama folks are chanting four more years, but our chant is this, five more days. five more days. >> reporter: the latest poll in virginia shows it's to close to call. obama leads 49-47%. with in the margin of error. >> hello wisconsin. >> reporter: the president started his three state swing in paul ryan's home state where he asked for more time to finish the job. >> as long as there is a single american who wants a job but can't find one our work isn't done. >> r
the smartphone or web. when it sells, they get 9%. you got to keep the rest. >>> three days to go until election day. both candidates are pulling out all the stops. plus, you can skip the knife and still get a face-lift. how you can lose wrinkles by looking kind of silly. the machine showed me a map of my feet, and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. i'm a believer! and you will be too! learn where to find your number at >>> now to democracy 2012, the october jobs report came out, the last report before voters head to the polls on tuesday. tory dunnan has more. how is it playing out on the campaign trail? >> reporter: considering the jobs report came out the friday before election day, it definitely matters, which candidate you ask. >> america will come roaring back. >> we'll win this election. >> reporter: it's perhaps the last unknown before election day, one last chance for momentum to swing one way or the other. what we got is more mixed news. >> the same course we have been on mr. not l
this turn out. overwhelming i've never seen it. >> folks excited for election day. hear why they couldn't wait to make a decision. >> there's no magic bullet. >> no magic bull lelt but there is a method to the madness. . >> right now we want to start with a look out the back window. why so dreary today? . >> will it clear up for tomorrow. we'll check in with with wyatt everhart. >> those cloudy conditions courtesy of sandy. it's mostly a hit or miss patch of drizzle overnight but we're clearing out nicely. still some clouds sweeping into our state from that system and again just a patch or two of drizzle but we're seeing clearing to the south and west. with that we'll cool down tonight. in the 40s now in rock hall. in the overnight, getting chillier than that, i think we could be down to 37 by daybreak. don't forget to check out the a bc two news weather app. . >> thanks wyatt. you want to know how important this election is, we're going to take you to randall's town. >> long lines show how much you treasure your vote. rose si. . >> jim to give you an idea how busy it's been, th
states. anncr: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. hahahaha! hooohooo, hahaha! this is awesome! folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator. get happy. get geico. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. >>> as sandy heads north the winds are slowing but still the kind of extreme weather with the power to distract from a presidential race that literally could not be closer. just a week until election day my co-anchor bill weir reports from swing state country, youngstown, ohio. >> reporter: sandy maybe 50 miles outside of pittsburgh but she is dropping a full assortment of meteorological misery from georgia to wisconsin. on the
from election day it is a buckeye state battle. tonight outside cincinnati mitt romney got a little help from his friend. >> kid rock warm up the crowd of nearly m. many republican allies came out. romney deliver his closing argument. >> do you want more of the same or do you want real change. >> the most recent polls have the president ahead or show a tied race. one key reason, the president has his theory. >> i understand govern romney has had a tough time here in ohio because he was against saving the auto industry. >>ed to mr. obama launched a fresh attack accusing his rival of trying to this scare off voters. >> italians are going to build jeeps in china. >> chrysler said that is not true. there are no plans to move production to china. a rep said it was cynical campaign politics at its worst. >> both campaigns are trying to reach the magic number. no matter how you do the math with the eight battleground states it is clear ohio is the key. >> ohio is the tate -- state we need to win. this campaign hopes the enthusiasm they saw here will be seen across the state on election ni
, both campaigns are displaying confidence, as we run down the days to election time. and they're playing to specific groups of voters. turn the channel, and you see the president on mtv. >> an honor. >> reporter: and" inside edition." >> this is a big show. >> reporter: the comedy shows. leno. >> i feel great. >> reporter: and the first lady on "kimmel." >> election day. election day. up and adam. >> reporter: and not just tv. ♪ this is a part of me >> reporter: a campaign event with katy perry. >> she's a wonderful young lady. >> reporter: an interview with "rolling stone" and "us weekly." the president is going hip and young. he's ahead with nearly two-thirds of those voters. but he needs them to turn out. for romney, who has co-opted the president's change slogan from four years ago -- >> what this requires is change. >> reporter: -- it's a different audience. the governor leads among white men, 66% to 32%. and he leads in most national polls. while the president has a slight lead in many of the battleground states. ♪ signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours ♪ >> reporter: that's lef
because she's just had it with the election. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. we begin with the latest in sandy's aftermath. the storm is now being blamed for at least 74 deaths. more than 6 million people are without power, spread throughout 15 states. >> natural gas fires are burning in or threatening several communities, particularly in new jersey. and another airport, new york's la guardia, reopens today with limited service. >> inching towards normalcy. >>> in new york this morning, more signs of life getting back to routine. the city's massive subway system is roaring back to life. except in hard-hit manhattan. >> more power is being restored to that area, as well. that's where we find abc's mark greenblatt once again this morning. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now, the death toll from hurricane sandy stands at a grisly 74. and over in new jersey, there's a looming threat ona and ongoine from ruptured natural gas lines. but in this neighborhood in lower manhattan, the lights ar
. >>> the cleanup in some areas could soon be interrupted as another storm is shaping up to make an election week mess. >>> the president, picking up a high-profile endorsement as he and mitt romney sprint to the finish. just four days left. >>> and a good luck story. the lottery winner who finally found her ticket worth millions, with little time to spare. >>> good friday morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin this friday with some powerful images, all from sandy's aftermath. first up, people waiting hours for gasoline. long lines. this one, in long island, new york. efforts to resupply the region are now taking top priority. >> in new jersey, a brand-new opening in the barrier island on which the devastated community of seaside heights. testimony to the storm's power. >> and a woman surveying what is left of her new jersey home. the wreckage there, like a bomb went off. >>> amid all the devastation, there are incremental steps towards normalcy being made. limited amtrak service resumes today along the heavily-traveled northeast corridor. >> crews in manha
, good morning maryland. >> just one day left to get your vote in early before election day. pack patience if you plan to go out. >> to expand gambling or not? that's a question for next week. we will tell you who is coming out in support of it. >> and we were spared the worst but could it have been worst? we will look at how close we came to being in the center of the storm's path on this friday >> i am megan pinningel. happy friday. we have had a rough week here in maryland. >> it has been a really tough week out there -- out there. you have the cold weather behind sandy that dominated the news well past wednesday. a lot of people are in the dark. >> i that i lot of people are he had ay for warmer temperatures and maybe some sunshine. if we can dream. >> lynette. >> right. i might be able to do one of those for you. and that's the sunshine. and a little more sunshine into the weekend but we will stay cold. sandy shifted the weather pattern. remember before sandy we were in indian summer temperatures in the 70s. not so much. we are coming in below that. very cold mornings now com
years. >> well, i think there's some truth to that. immediately after obama was elected, we saw two of the largest hate websites in the country crash. >> reporter: potok told us that by the late '80s, the klan dwindled to a few hundred. they now number closer to 6,000. >> white power! >> reporter: he believes they can be very dangerous. >> it's dangerous, not so much because a whole bunch of klansmen get together in a room and plan to murder 1,000 people with a bomb so, you know, it's the lone wolf characters that get frustrated with their leaders that break away, you know, one day, walk out of their house and start shooting. >> reporter: with that in mind, at a gas station outside of tupelo, the grand dragon appears. he is also known as steven howard, 31 years old, he says he's an iraq war veteran. he comes with a loaded pistol on his hip and tells me he's got serious ptsd. we agree to follow him to a remote location, where cell phone service is spotty. next to a trailer by the woods. they ask us not to photograph howard's 11-year-old daughter, but she is there, as is his wife, nic
. >>> thank you very much. five days until election day and for many of you it can't come soon enough, but one little girl, she wants it to be november 7th probably more than any of us. we're going to show you her reaction to yet another interview with the presidential candidates. >>> it's 5:43. we weren't completely spared from sandy's destruction but when you look at the images from new york and atlantic new jersey we know we did not get the worst of it. we are sending charlie up to atlantic city this morning, so he's out in our parking lot. you're about to leave, and what's the goal of this trip? what are you hoping to inform people about? >> what we're doing is we want to give people an idea of how close we came to a direct hit. this storm sandy was 900 miles in diameter so when you look at it from the point of view of a radium it was 450 miles and it missed us by 100 miles. here's an idea to give you a clue. this a map quest of where we are relative to atlantic city. we're 150 miles as a drive up to philadelphia and over, but on a direct line we're right about 100 miles from the path of t
to election day. today is the last day for early voting and if the past few days has been any incation rate ready to -- indication, get ready to wait in long lines. line last night wrapped around the building and some voters waited 4 hours to get through the line. early voting has set a record in the state. more than 267,000 cast their ballot early since centers opened in maryland. hurricane sandy forced early voting to be canceled on monday and tuesday but it seems voters are now making up for lost time. >> i really hadn't focused on time. whatever it takes. however many hours it took i was going to stay here until the duration. >> reporter: and today, as we get ready for the last day of early voting, expect more long lines. again the polls will stay open from 8 this morning until 9 tonight. a lot of hot issues. if you want too list of the polling centers around you, you can go to the website at and we have a please list and link to the state board of elections where you can find the polling secretarieser in your county. -- center in your county. you can vote at any early poll
of the country's critical swing states. over the next couple weeks in the election. and with only seven days to go before voting day, this storm is just about the only thing that could slow down a race this tight. but both candidates have put their official campaign events on hold while the storm rages. abc's jake tapper reports from the suddenly quiet campaign trail. >>> good evening, cynthia. president obama was supposed to hold a rally here in orlando, florida. but hurricane sandy made other plans for him. president obama, pulled candidate obama off the trail today, pulling a no-show at his orlando, florida, rally to race back to the was to monitor the hurricane. >> this is going to be a big and powerful storm. >> reporter: in the whaake of t harsh criticism, of the president, flying to las vegas after the benghazi post was attacked. two photos of the president being briefed. and he cam out to the briefing room to warn americans to heed local and state officials and to underline what's truly important. >> i am not worried at this point, the impact on the election, i am worried about the i
'll talk about how things will shape up toward election day minutes away. >> you watched as we filed one report after another about how the state was getting ready. sandy never did hit the way we thought but that preparedness came in handy for our neighbors to the west. >> reporter: garrett county by far got hit the hardest. heavy snows blocking roads, trapping people, a situation so dire that the county put a call out for help. >> really, everything that they've asked for. we said anything you need, just call us. >> reporter: our county was one of those that sent aid. condition you will man said it only -- jerry ulm dodge chrysler -- kent ulman. >> get to garrett county. >> maryland didn't just send crews, the state was uniquely prepared to send crows to new jersey as well. >> the governor wanted to make sure that our citizens were safe but it was important to make shower we support other states in their time of need. >> dr. richard al corda hel eversee medical trauma. new jersey asked for help and got 6 ambulances and ems workers, many from baltimore city. the maryland crypts help -- c
for you. >>> the 2012 election is less than a week away, but you can resume early voting today. governor martin o'malley says early voting will pick back up because of sandy. this morning the governor was forced to cancel it for monday and tuesday. now, to make up for the lost time, early voting will be extended through friday with additional hours. the facilities will now be open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. >>> and after two days, the new york stock exchange finally reopens this morning. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is expected to be the one who rings that opening bell. this is the first time in more than 25 years that the markets closed due to a weather-related incident. >>> time now for a check of that forecast, where we stand today, the past several days have been very tough on the abc 2 news weather team. lynette is in now with maybe some good news. >> i do have some good news because things are going to start to get much better out there. let's start off with some temperatures. i'll step out so you can soak them all in. we're at 37 degrees in em etsburg, sparrow
the results of the presidential election. maybe. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> see what you do, ohio. in the meantime, president obama will tour hard hit areas of nudge today. mitt romney will hold three campaign events today. in florida, he turned a scheduled political rally yesterday in ohio in a bid to support sandy relief efforts. >> we won't be able to solve all the problems with our effort this morning. one of the things i learned in life is you make the difference you can. >> democrats have been hammering romney over a statement he made at a debate last year in which he said some of fema's responsibilities should be turned over to the states. >>> and sandy is looming large over next week's presidential election with officials scrambling to make up for time lust to the stotime -- time lost to the storm. >> early voting sites were forced to close in battleground states like north carolina and virginia. maryland extended early voting to friday. pennsylvaniaians have until tomorrow to request an absentee ballot. despite the tragedy if you care about the election get out there and vote. >> hate to
at polling place to cast your vote before the election but first lynette charles. >> all right. let's talk about what's going on this morning and we are cold once again. not getting rid of th temperatures that are below average especially going into the afternoon. 38 right now in glenelg. more of the same in westminster at 37 and laurel at 41. we are going to be breezy as we go throughout the day. so we will have a wind chill out there to talk about. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we should stay that way going throughout date and maybe a few peeks of sunshine. you've been waiting on the sun and we will get more sunshine as we go into the weekend. but bow start out at 8. and -- but whoa start you out at -- but we start you out at 8. see peeks of sun off the clouds and that is the scenario for today. 53 is the high i am going with but with the wind out of the north and west, it's going to feel a little chillier than that. by 7:00, still partly cloudy skies with the temperatures coming in at 47 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter
and the storm impacting the presidential election. polling places were destroyed in the storm so now some will vote at military trucks. that is raising concern. we've asked that question for days. what impact would this have in terms of enthusiasm and turnout and pure logistics. where and how can people vote we'll get to that sandy was not far from the mind even as the top country music stars took to the stage for their biggest night of the year. how they paid tribute to the victims of the storm. that's coming up. >>> but up first, yes, sandy's aftermath here in new york city, commuters have one more day to deal with before a very welcomed weekend. >> power is being restored in areas of lower manhattan which had been in the dark, but progress is slow and nerves are fraying in the burrow of staten island certainly especially the most hard hit of new york's five boroughs. abc's cynthia mcfadden is there. >> reporter: every massive tragedy has within it a whole series of smaller ones. one such played out behind me, though, that staircase led to a house, where a mother, father and 13-year-old
issues on the ballot, of course none for interesting than the election of the president of the united stas. so in times of emergency, i think people really see why it is that we even coming to form a government. >> with two days lost, extended should have everything back on track. the polls will be open. before you vote, prepare yourselves for the polls. on our website, we break down the ballot questions, have the interviews you can watch with your local candidates. >>> $500,000 bail. that's what it will take one woman to get out of jail. he's the mother police say helped her son and another child hide a body. the 13-year-old was shot, her body found in an alley. >>> our team coverage of super storm sandy picks up in a pin. >> we're up in new jersey with damage you haven't seen yet. >>reporter: construction in atlantic city, new jersey. this is somebody's roof torn off their building. that's just the building. >>> tonight forget to check out the cool temperatures coming in. we'll talk more coming up. >>> how to use the halloween candy to serve troops over sees. we're back in a minute.
. >> the healthcare reform act, president obama's landmark piece of legislation. mitt romney said if elected, he would repeal and replace it we shouldn't repeal something that allows someone to something on their parents insurance until age 26, closing the donut hole for our seniors. on this medicare issue we save money in medicare through the reform act but we've taken those dollars, put them right back into the medicare program it make sure there are strong benefits. >> you mentioned constituent cynicism. there's a stalemate and general nastiness on capitol hill. how do you answer that when someone says representative, this is going too far? >> i think they're right when they look at washington and see this gridlock and fed up with it. we have to treat each other with respefnlgt reach across the aisle and try to build these relationships. we have to work at it. >> thank you for the time today. to see this interview and others, go to our website, as always, don't forget to vote on tuesday, november 6th. >> oh, yeah. it's halloween tonight. >> i'm heading out trick or treating.
that people elected us to do. >> i have to say that governor christie, throughout this process, has been responsive, he's been aggressive and i think the people of new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure that the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before. so, i just want to thank him for his extraordinary leadership and partnership. >> reporter: political aside, they will be judged. everyone in this situation will be judged by results. alone the jersey shore, there were dedicated disaster response teams just beginning the enormous task ahead. and more rescues of the stranded. you all right? but we saw only a few gas crews out here. they have to make this place safe first. for all those, who, like mary ward, have lost so much, but who yet have so much to live for. >> i have nothing left. these aren't even my clothes. >> reporter: when you look at it, how do you feel? >> glad to be alive. >> looking forward to a better tomorrow, and there will be one. >>> next up, inside a manhattan in crisis. my co-anchor cynthia mcfadden at one of new yor
: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. >>> tousing our superstorm sandy -- continuing our superstorm sandy coverage. >> abc2 news roosevelt leftwich reports on the cleanup. >> reporter: the cleanup continues. folks in cecil county thought they road the storm out pretty well but one family has a heck of a story to tell. the eastern shore is very flat. in these fields you can grow just about anything here, including, very, very tall trees. when they fall, you can hear it all over cecil. this tree came crashing through the roof of her kitchen. it looks bad on the outside. inside it's even worse. kelly was three steps from the doorway and saw it happen. >> i heard a loud crash, snapping sound, looked up to see the rain and the wind and the tree running through the middle of my kitchen. >> years ago he said this was a model kitchen because of the chestnut cabinets and moder
be made up later tuesday, is election day and a week away. >> breaking news this morning out of new york, 50 homes have been destroyed by a fire in queens. it happened while you were sleeping. jim describes this incredible scene. >> community of 4200 homes out heres this is a community that lost the most people during 9/11, firefighters and cops during 9/11, the community was hit horribly tonight. 6:30, they lost power. the water came rushing in. many here expected that there would be flooding and loss of power. the fire erupted on one of the walks out here and went from walk to walk to walk. the fire was right across from us. as the fire just spread, we evacuated not once, we waded our way to another home and realized the parking lot we were next to, the cars started to blow up in that parking lot. we had to leave there and went to another home. the fire continued to spread. my understanding it has spread acrossed 12 blocks of breezy point, an area they call the wedge. it's a place i'm familiar with. i spent summers down here, it's destroyed tonight. now, we are in a church, there is ab
hearing, where is fema? where is the red cross? where are the elected officials? >> it's heartbreaking, linsey. >>> there's questions about whether the devastation from sandy could be prevented from happening again. some say it's possible, looking to places around the world, special sea barriers made to protect cities. john muller is in new york, where the storm surge hit so hard. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. earlier this week, i would be underwater. much of lower manhattan was. it's dry. the storm has passed. it's easy to say it's behind us. it's not. make no mistake. it's just a matter of time before another storm hits. this is one of the problems, an aging infrastructure. this is the seawall. from a bygone era. experts say there's a way to prevent this. they say it's time to spend billions to save billions. experts now wonder if the massive storm surge that flooded lower manhattan and washed away parts of the jersey shore, could have been solved by sea barriers. some say that staten island began as a natural barrier island, but it became an urban landscape, ta
't steal. what a dufus. >>> you might have heard it's election season. >> yeah. >> like most people, you're probably sick of seeing attack ads. well, a guy running for congress in the 6th district in massachusetts has come up with his own way of combatting some of the negative ads, and this is his current political ad. >> i approve this message. >> this is just a tranquil scene from a lovely beach in massachusetts. you hear the soothing sound of the waves and some text comes up that says, because you need a break from all the campaign ads. >> that would make you turn and look at the tv if for a second you didn't hear somebody going -- >> vote yes on america. >> finally, a second of peace. wait, what's that? >> i am not him, but i approve this message. >> what's the opponent's ad? >> he's returning againt congr majority of the voters are democrat. this is the way to get some attention. speaking of people who are really, really sick of political ads, you have probably seen this video, but i think this is a perfect reason to show it again. this is abigail evans. she's tired of barack obama
governor o'malley visits. >> hard to be election day will be here next week. we are going to vote for the president and the issues that seem to be getting the most play. brad pitt now weighing in. he is back question six for how much he donated to the campaign. >> it is november 1st, thursday morning, hope you had a happy halloween. thanks for joining us i'm megan pringle. charlie is out on assignment. we'll let you know what he's up to. i imagine your kids are heading back to school and you have places to go so let's get right to weather and lynette charles. how's it looking out there? >> it's looking drier, but november 1st, happy birthday megan pringle. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. let's talk about what's going on right now on maryland's most powerful radar so we can get you out the door. and we do see a few light showers now around frederick county and also in carroll county. as we go throughout the day we should stay dry just like we did yesterday. not going to rule out a slight chance of a shower. just be prepared for that. also be prepared for some chilly tem
is erupting in some communities near new york, like staten island, where they are sending a plea to elected officials, do not forget us. and we want to show you some new and apocalyptic images coming in from the storm zone now. children wandering in a kind of moon scape. teams of rescuers patrolling streets. and body bags after sandy has now claimed nearly 40 lives. more than half of them on staten island, so close to manhattan, but living in devastation. and tonight, "nightline" anchor cynthia mcfadden is there, where after four days, the community is shaken. cynthia? >> reporter: good evening, diane. every massive tragedy has within it a whole series of smaller ones. one such played out behind me, though, that staircase led to a house, where a mother, father and 13-year-old girl lived. only the mother survived. staten island is a whole series of stories, just like that one. in staten island today, a cry for help. >> we're going to die! if we get killed with the weather, we're going to die! we're going to freeze! we got 90-year-old people! >> reporter: this woman pleading with government o
are about to resume campaigning. day a look at their game plan with five days to go before the election. first a look at how you can help the victims of hurricane sandy. please donate. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. follow the wings. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at i'm a sheets girl, but i don't just put'em in the dryer to freshen up my clothes. i put'em in my shoes, i put'em in my car, i put'em in my vases. girl, i been put'n'em for as long as i can remember. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] sheets, i put'em! try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. >>> now that some of the worst of hurricane sandy is behind us, that other superstorm is back. that's right, the race for the white house
in his voice. >>> up next, six days until the election, now. states in the hurricane zone scrambling to deal with early voting. >>> and it's not just water and wind. sandy left people trapped in wind. sandy left people trapped in mountains of the white stuff. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms, plus sinus congestion, and pain. [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years
. to another race. the election, days away. how has this storm changed the campaign? >>> and, life lessons from the storm. what this man did with his cell phone that helped give birth to his baby. and how this officer saved his family before he died. >>> good evening. and tonight, we have breaking news from the storm zone. look at this. new scenes of utter devastation. thousands of people still stranded and at this hour, rescuers still scrambling to pull families out of harm's way. also tonight, a new terror. can you see that in the water? the bubbling up? that geyser is flammable gas spewing out of a pipe and it's happening all across one town. a single spark could ignite everything. and the people there can hear the hissing sound as it leaks. listen. [ hissing ] abc's terry moran spent the day in that town and he's standing by with the very latest for us right now. terry? >> reporter: diane, this is what you see throughout the jersey shore right now. homes just rippled right off their foundations. this was someone's living room. there's a kitchen back there, a bathroom over here. but look dow
election day, but you can still vote early now. people are heading to the polls early including governor o'malley. >> we have a lot of very interesting issues on the ballot, and of course none more interesting than the election of the president of the united states. so in tiles of emergency -- times of emergency i think people really see why it is that we come together to form a government. >> with two days lost extended hours should have everything back on track. the polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. that's today and tomorrow for early voters, and then if you missed your opportunity for early voting you can head to the polls on tuesday. >> and play some games or enjoy the boardwalk, so many of us have taken that trip to atlantic city. coming up next, a look at what is left behind after sandy ripped through that community. >> and in a city that relies on transportation, how new yorkers are getting around when all the buses and the trains aren't moving, we're going to show you what happens when the city that never sleeps comes it to a halt. >> and we have plenty of cloud cover acr
to election day. today is the last day for early voting polls polls will open at 8 and stay open for 13 hours and close at 9 tonight. this is what it looked like last night at rammeddalstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. some -- randallstown community center. the line wrapped around the building. more than 267,000 voters have cast their ballot early since polling centers opened in maryland. hurricane sandy forced early voting to be canceled on monday and tuesday but it seems voters are now making up for lost time. >> it's a privilege. and maybe because of my age, but like i told you, being 94 i don't know when i will do this again for a president. so i did it today and my wife was with me. >> reporter: a lot of people making sure they are getting their votes in for this historic election. there are 46 early voting centers throughout the state of maryland. if you want to find the one in your county there are several. go to the website at we have a list of all the early voting polling centers again those polls will open at 8 this morning and close tonight
do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. >>> this is from overnight. explosion from new york city, the new york city con edson plant. one of the reasons part of lower manhattan is in trouble and dark. the company vice president is saying this morning, this is the worst storm related outage in the company's history, as you can see, incredible explosion happening out of there. >> according to breaking, it could be a week because of the explosion, could be a week for customers to get back on. that's out of con edson. >> if you lost power, you know it's brutal being without it for that long. >> i a lot of you are listening opposed to watching. a huge fire broke out in the breezy point neighborhood incomes queens new york. >> 50 homes destroyed. jim describes the incredible scene. we will run the video for you to hear. >> 4200 homes out here. this is a community that
inland. >> for those elected officials who decided to ignore my admonition, it is your responsibility. >> reporter: the storm passed ferociously, at least 66-mile-per-hour wind gusts at the airport. then just a couple of hours ago, that strange moment when it all went quiet. when you're in the middle of the storm like this, it gets eerily calm. the light breeze tickling the trees. that is not normal. the onslaught reseumed and likey to keep pummelling the city tonight. we're not going to get a lot of rest here, we'll keep following the storm. at least the tide has gone down slightly. we'll watch that tide rise again into the morning hours. so the flooding and all of the conce concerns, they are not over. we'll head back cynthia. >> stay safe. you have been at it all day. >>> a town under water, last-minute ee vvacuees flee th homes waist deep in water. let's see if we can get one past the defense. hut! go! here it comes! right on the numbers! boom! get it! spin! oh, nice hands! chest bump. ugh! good job, man. nice! okay, halftime. now, this is my favorite play. oh! i'm wide open. oh,
for the presidential election. early voting is not going on today because of hurricane sandy. he is hoping the days will be made up. >> there governor is keeping a close eye on the storm. he is monitoring it. he is expected to give another update on the super storm. hurricane sandy, as it progresses and we learn more this morning around 10:30. as you know, hurricane sandy made landfall last night bringing with it a downpour of rain and really strong winds. you probably heard them howl last night. she is to blame for 13 deaths up and down the coast. we will bring you the press conference live here on abc 2 news. again, that is expected to happen at 10:30 this morning. >>> and if you are just joining us. we are on earlier this normal this morning and bringing you the coverage on air and on the line. if you have to go to work today and you're curious what is going on watch us on >>> yes. maryland is feeling the wrath of hurricane sandy, she hit up- and-down the east coast. >>> thanks for joining us for this special extended coverage, you're looking at a live picture this morning of c
the election the summertime the prices were over four dollars a gallon. the price of $1.84 is going on until six. >> getting gas in new jersey is just one of the many problems in the aftermath of sandy. >> we will take you back to jury sir and new york. >> and those tiny miracles born during sandy and how the medical advances have keeping them alive. >> and the difference between an allergy and a cold. find out when we continue right after this. . >>> really is hard to forget the images of the nicu babies being evacuated from a hospital during hurricane sandy. many of them just fighting for every breath. we tell you about a new approach to caring for them and helping keep them alive. >> reporter: learning to walk is a milestone for any child but for little nicholas these steps nearly a miracle. he was born at just 24 weeks more than three months early. >> he was one pound 11 ounces, 11 inches long. tiny baby. i didn't know they could be that small. >> reporter: a lot of them have been born that small. in the past not many survived. if they did they were sure to face serious health probl
as a congressman if you will elect me, we will see a lot -- we will see things happen differently in this country. >> let's get to some of the questions, one thing people are wondering about is the economy. 16 trillon dollars in debt. unemployment at 8%, housing market is a mess. what would do you? >> you have to face it by addressing monetary policy. this is something that congress ignores even though we try to fix small things here and there. we are going to mess with this housinmarket, just try to -- increase jobs over here through the government expansion of some sort of program or another. the real thing that boils down is the economy is where the money comes and what it's made of. the fact we have a federal reserve that's about to again do another round of easing, the q3, this is going to add more basically just printing more money in to the economy that's going to add more of the inflation. the prices go up. the health care is more expensive. gas, you know everything at the grocery store is getting worse. this -- also drives up our debt. this is going to increase the amount which is gone
, again, falling back and then into election day projecting dry voting weather, not so bad. temperatures not moving much. tough to get a warmup going. sandy as shifted and changed -- has shifted and changed our weather pattern. >> won't it just die? we just really want it to die and go away. sandy is dieing a slow death. the change out of canada, that's going to stay with us awhile. >> it's one of sandy's lasting gifts. that was fantastic. >>> all right. parents or feeling stressed may get a bit more hang shuls after hearing -- anxious after hearing this. a survey shows a level of a parent's stress is connected to their children's weight. more specifically, the researchers found parents feeling more stress were much more likely it have everweight children. some health experts believe the connection could be the result of busy parents who turn to fast food more often to feed their families. >> when parents are very, very stressed, are they going to go home and think about preparing a meal, maybe stop at grocery store and come into their kitchen? no, they're going to go to that fast food.
says is all that really counts right now. >> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matter a lick to me at the moment. i've got much bigger fish to fry than that. so do the people of the state of new jersey. >> reporter: romney, after cancelling eight events in five states, turned a planned rally in ohio into a makeshift aid >> a lot of people will be looking for goods, even though we've gathered these things, as you know. i know that one of the things i've learned in life is, you make the difference you can. >> reporter: it has all of the trappings of a traditional campaign event. you have the stage, the big american flag, the campaign music. lots of romney supporters. but you also have over here canned goods and supplies that people have brought for victims of the storm. romney ignored questions about his views on fema funding yesterday. but during a debate last year, he suggested he would favor turning over some of fema's responsibilities to the states. >> every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's
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:00 in the evening. and, by the way, election day is tuesday. >>> the school bell won't be ringing in hartford county. >> yeah, coming up in a bit, the chain saws will be buzzing out there. it's a day of cleanup. we're going to take you there, showing you just how bad things are. >>> and those halloween decorations, they may be in somebody else's yard and your halloween costume is going to be covered with a coat, but trick or treating still a go. some things to think about before you head out the door. >>> and sandy is pushing away, but we are left with some cold temperatures. i'll tell you if there's a warmup in the forecast coming up. >>> no school in hartford county today, but the chain saws are going to work early. >> crews are cleaning up all the damage caused by sandy. about 15,000 people remain in the dark. some people there have been without power since monday night. >> and then we haven't had power since, so we've just been making the best of it. >> we are he a bundling up and -- we're bundling up, that kind of thing. >> bundling up, we have a wood stove we've kept running and eating
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